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Your image on every card.

ANA-U WebCardManagement is a complete system for issuing ID cards based on SOAP services.

The browser-based application does not require any installation by the client and can be integrated into any system and connected to any database. Capturing, scanning and importing photos is facilitated by automatic face recognition.
In addition, there is an unlimited number of layouts and a 3-year warranty, including support and free updates.

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Validity Renewal

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Uni Card Terminal T1

Complete system for the semester extension of ID cards. TRW printer, 19-inch touchscreen, Windows industry PC and all software are already integrated. The front side, like the screen output, can be individually designed. The terminal can be operated standing up or from a wheelchair.

E-Paper Uni Card Terminal T1

Uni Card Terminal T2

Compact, elegant, individual. This wall-mounted system saves space and includes all components for the ID card extension. TRW printer, 4.7-inch display with touchscreen, ANA-U extension software and sySan.

E-Paper Uni Card Terminal T2

Desktop Validity Renewal

A particularly convenient validation variant for small quantities. Validity Renewal system consisting of a tabletop device and all software components for the card extension. A PC with Windows operating system must be provided by the customer. The tabletop device can be connected via a network.

E-Paper Desktop Validity Renewal
EasyPrinter User Manual
Prospekt Validierungssoftware

ANA-U Validation Software

Our software solution for your ID card extension. Simple connection to all data sources, free layout design, 3-year warranty as well as free updates and support guarantee that everything will run smoothly with semester extensions.

E-Paper Validations Software


So that you always know for sure that everything works.

  • Nagios-Interface
  • Remote reset of the terminal
  • Webinterface
  • Automatic failure message

With the intelligent status monitoring of your terminals, you do not need to be on-site to know that everything is working.

E-Paper sySan


We make it easy for you.

Integrating cards into copying and access systems makes them valuable and practical. All-in-one cards from ANA-U can be integrated into numerous solutions from other providers.
We work closely together with integrators and are happy to provide advice on future systems.

Maintenance and warranties

3-year warranty without fail!

Warranties based on trust. We trust our products and software solutions. That is why we offer you 3-year warranty periods. For your safety and because we are confident.
At the same time, it is important to maintain systems regularly. Faults at peak times, such as the start of the semester are unpleasant and make it difficult to deal with this important organisational tool. Regular maintenance ensures smooth operation.
Secure your regular system check and have your devices checked. So that you can rely on it when it matters.

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