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TRW Printer

erase and print, without ink, without toner

EasyPrinter S3

Our solution for university ID cards, loyalty cards, vouchers and ticket systems. Efficient, compact and fast in the best print quality. Reliable, even with cards that are heavily used. The highest standard for your smooth and sustainable card use.

A new development from ANA-U

E-Paper EasyPrinter S3

E-Paper EasyPrinter S3 OEM

E-Paper EasyPrinter S3H

Mars Drucker

The strong printer for moderate card use. This rewrite printer is fast, compact and cost-effective. A good choice for the sporadic use of cards.

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TRW Cards

erase and print, without ink, without toner

We supply all kinds of cards. In your layout with chip and as a swipe card. The size of the TRW field is adapted to your needs.

With a TRW printer, black or blue information can be erased and reprinted several hundred times.

Data changes (validity date, class, name, title) but you keep your card.

BIO Cards

Everything but plastic

Our bio card is made from 100% renewable raw materials, will last for 10 years on average and can be composted.
Available in ISO format and in individual special formats, there are no limits to your creative freedom.

Bio cards are printed on like other cards (offset, ink, laser, sublimation) and can be combined with electronic chips.


Go one step further

In combination with the Thermorewrite film TRW (25µm transparent film) your bio card will be rewritable. For the life cycle of the card.

Find out more about our Thermorewrite system!

Sublimation Card Printer

Personalisation made simple

Evolis Primacy

The device is ideal for all applications that require double-sided printing of ID or plastic cards, such as employee ID cards, pupil and student cards or loyalty cards.

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Evolis Quantum

The ideal printer for personalising cards in particularly large quantities.

User manual

Blank cards

Your needs decide

Blank White

MIFARE Classic, MIFARE DESFIRE EV1, MIFARE PRO, Icode, ACOS, NFC, Legic Prime, Legic Advant, 125 kH, ISO14443, Special formats in the best quality.

RF and contact chip cards in accordance with ISO standards

All common chip cards in high-quality offset print in best the quality.
Offset print on both sides with 4 colours, spot colours on request,
with or without TRW field.

Forgery-proof high-security cards

We supply forgery-proof high-security cards for security-sensitive card use
Security offset printing, UV-fluorescent printing, holograms on cards, iris printing, OVI (optical variable elements), laser engraving, laser memory cards with 2Mb memory


Extra-large cards for everyone who expects more than standard.
140 x 87.8 mm format, colour printing, individual photo printing with XXL printers.
We can also print your XXL cards as a service for you upon request.

Metal cards

Distinctive for presenting your company. Particularly popular as loyalty cards, business cards or gift cards.

ANA-U Card Printing

Your needs decide

Too small a quantity? And constantly changing layouts? We will print this for you! Digitally in the highest resolution (1,400 dpi) with our digital UV printers. All ISO card formats, all chip card types, individually printed, forgery-proof with optically variable elements or holograms for particularly high-security requirements, metal cards or the special XXL format 140 x 87.8 mm.

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