LED Solutions for Shopfitters and Museums

We are LED pioneers and this experience is reflected in the quality and functionality of our products. For over a decade, we have been developing and producing Lighting Systems for stationary retail and museums, but to name a few.

Although we see ourselves as Producers in our field of expertise, we are always significantly involved in finding solutions aligned to our clients needs and thus also undertaking the responsibility for research and development too. By expanding our production in Austria, we have found our way to transfer prototypes to serial production in a timely and cost-effective manner.





ALAz LED lights are the perfect substitute for fluorescent lights used in shelving systems. Their construction has been optimised for cost-efficient installation in modern shelving systems. For example, several lights can be connected with one power supply or connected in a row. They are mounted using clips or embedded in a groove. Various connecting cables and a busbar concept round off the product range. The lights can be easily replaced without tools if required. The light colour can be optimised to match the product.

Data-Sheet ALAz


ALAc LED lights are ideal for shelving systems. They are ideally suited for installation in shelving systems and impress with their long service life. One power supply is sufficient to connect several lights at the same time or to connect them in a row. They are installed using clips or embedded in a groove. The lights can be easily replaced without tools. The light colour can be optimised to match the product.

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Scannerschiene SR1 CRI > 95

Create highlights and provide more visibility. In combination with our LEDs, individual products or product groups can be visually highlighted, revitalising the shelving landscape. The SR1 scanner track can be easily snapped onto all conventional shelving systems. It is compatible with the Green Quality power track and cable system and can be combined as desired with any other lights. The product lighting can be set to 4 different angles of inclination.

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Power Supplies, Busbars, Plugs an Cables

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