Admittedly, some software developers claim to be divine. This is not only because they created the virtual world. Quite often a miracle is expected of them, namely when something has to work and simply.

sySan software solution – the system is sacred.

It will come as no surprise that ANA-U’s new software solution, affectionately named “sySan”. sys (short for system) san (Latin: holy), is a “miracle”. At least for those who want to be in several places at the same time.
“sySan” is the divine eye of Ana-U for successful card management. This is the best way to explain this thing, consisting of thousands of lines of programming, to the layman. A system that keeps an eye on every card printer and provides information on its operational readiness at all times. Problem? No problem! With sySan the terminal can be reset, no matter where in the city the card printer has to print!

The University of Vienna relies on sySan

The first university that benefited from sySan was the University of Vienna. With currently more than 94,000 students and over 60 locations, it is the largest university in Austria.

Currently, 36 terminals and 2 desktop devices of Ana-U are in use to ensure smooth operation, especially at the beginning of the semester.

Thanks to support from sySan, the system is centrally controlled and the respective status is checked. The user-friendly interface and simple operation in the event of a necessary system restart are essential for successful use.

This means that we are following our guiding principle that successful card management supports institutions in their organisation instead of doing additional work.
With sySan you can achieve new optimisation possibilities.

Accommodate your students and staff without having to be on-site. Find the optimal place for your card organisation without worrying about administration. With sySan, “do it yourself” actually works by itself. Without fail!

We, ANA-U GmbH, deal with the development, production and worldwide trade of cards, card printers and electronic components, as well as in the development and design of emotional lighting solutions for bricks-and-mortar retail, shopfitting, museums and galleries.
We plan, develop, produce and provide support to offer our customers solutions from a single source.

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