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Ewald Ulrichs Gastkommentar in shops 118

In March 2017, Ewald Ulrich’s guest commentary was published in shops 118, a trade journal from the company Umdasch for shopfitting. Less than a year later, very much in line with Ewald Ulrich, much was discussed and brought into the world.

LEDSYSTEMS is now called in the ANA-U. Another business division that has been flourishing for some time and now occupies its deserved place in the corporate organisation.

„ An important step for us and an important step for our customers who expect more from us than just lighting fixtures“

What is behind it?

Complete solutions like what we already know from our card systems business division. In addition to providing the technical components, our services also include planning measures, such as light measurement in order to achieve optimum results.
In order to develop this concept, we had to open our minds in a proven way. We have dealt intensively with the future challenges for shelving systems and shopfitting. Visions develop where and by what means trade develops and what fundamentally moves consumers.

Ewald Ulrichs Gastkommentar in shops 118

Ewald Ulrichs Gastkommentar in shops 118

„We create emotions to satisfy needs” became our guiding principle, which applies equally to our customers in the food, drugstore and textile industries as well as to their consumers. Even if the needs are different.
Durability, effectiveness, and a multifaceted nature on the one hand and freshness, strength, lightness, on the other. With LEDSYSTEMS we reconcile a wealth of needs by creating emotions.
To get to the point: LEDSYSTEMS are emotionally intelligent lighting solutions for shelving systems and shopfittings. Our contribution to visionary shop concepts.

We, ANA-U GmbH, deal with the development, production and worldwide trade of cards, card printers and electronic components, as well as in the development and design of emotional lighting solutions for bricks-and-mortar retail, shopfitting, museums and galleries.
We plan, develop, produce and provide support to offer our customers solutions from a single source.

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